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What is stone coated steel?
Stone coated steel is a combination of aluminum and steel molded to give the appearance of a traditional roof. Stone coated steel roofing options include shingles, tiles, shakes and even slate. The benefits of stone coated steel versus traditional asphalt shingles include durability, longevity and energy efficiency. The average life span of a stone coated steel roof is 2-3 times that of a traditional asphalt roof. This material is the perfect solution for the extreme weather variability we experience in the Rochester, NY area.
Will the material require additional structural roof deck reinforcement?
The natural properties of the steel, aluminum, zinc and coppers usually used in metal roofing are more than 50% lighter than asphalt products and up to 75% lighter than concrete tile. Especially in areas that get heavy snows, metal roofing is the preferred choice as a durable, lightweight roofing alternative.
Does the roof come with a product warranty?
Every product you buy for your home should have a warranty. While most premium asphalt roofs will last somewhere between 12 and 20 years, metal can last more than 60. That’s why you’ll find most metal roofing with warranties around 50 years – nearly four times than most other roofing products.
What is the overall life cycle cost of the roofing material?
A home is a long-term investment, and homeowners should think of their roof in the same manner. While asphalt can be cheaper than metal initially, spread out over 60 years – which isn’t long at all in housing terms – metal is the clear choice. Consider this: If a metal roof is covering your home, you’ll probably never have to re-roof again. Asphalt requires re-roofing every 15 years or so. And while costs vary from region to region, metal will win the cost battle every time.
Does a metal roof increase the value of my home for resale?
As reported by Sal Alfano of Remodeling Magazine, homes renovated with metal roofing show a
rate of 85.9% cost recouped in the national average with up to 95.5% for homes in the Eastern
states, a full 1 and 6% resale value gain over homes roofed with asphalt.
Are there maintenance costs?
Proper roof maintenance is essential to insure it lasts as long as possible. The benefit of a metal roof, is that maintenance is essentially nothing. With any roof, it is a good idea to occasionally remove any debris – branches, leaves, etc. – that may have fallen onto it. With a metal roof, this usually entails nothing more than hosing the roof down, usually from the ground. Properly installed, a metal roof needs only to be admired.
Is it noisy?
This is simply a myth that comes from open framed barns and cottages that have no solid roof sheathing, attic space, insulation and sheet rock to eliminate noise transfer. When installed over solid sheathing it is often quieter than other roofing materials. The air space created by our purlin system under the steel roof combines with the existing roof to muffle sound.
Can you walk on it?
You can absolutely walk on a metal roof without damaging it. Before you attempt to walk on your roof, be sure to talk with your contractor about how to safely walk your particular style and pitch.
Will it attract lightning?
Absolutely not. The likelihood is no greater than a roof covered with asphalt shingles. However, if the roof were to be struck by lightning the energy would be dispersed throughput the structure. Metal roofs are noncombustible and nonflammable.
Can you use metal on shallow pitched roofs?
Yes, it is the best alternative to rubberized products which often need replacement every 10-12 years. The Metal Roof Outlet offers a standing seam panel that can be installed on a very low slope. This product will last many times longer than a rubberized coating.

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