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Ryan Morse founded the Metal Roof Outlet in 2009 with the goal of providing homeowners and contractors the easiest platform to obtain information and accessibility to metal roofing options. Growing up in the North country, Ryan was exposed early on to the benefits of metal roofing as a permanent and energy efficient solution for roof tops.

In 1998, Ryan came to the Rochester area and opened the highly respected ProNailer Roofing Company. As the “ProNailer”, Ryan installed numerous asphalt roofs for homeowners and builders in the Greater Rochester area before changing his business plan to focus solely on the installation of residential metal roofing. During this time, Ryan was one of the only companies in the area installing residential metal roofing, and while he was honing his craft, Ryan took much pride in knowing that he was providing his customers with a permanent, cost effective roof that was solving many problems, such as ice damming, that homes in our area are subject to. Quickly, the idea of residential metal roofing began to take hold.

In the late 90’s, metal roofing was still thought of as the shiny red barn roof and Ryan installed plenty of those in the area. Many customers liked the idea of a metal roof on their home but were not pleased with the look of a smooth surface panel. Everything changed for residential metal roofing in Rochester when Ryan introduced Stone Coated Steel to the market. With Stone Coated Steel profiles and finishes resembling traditional roofing material, business was really on an upswing.

More and more, people were becoming frustrated with the many problems created by asphalt-shingled roofs and Stone Coated Steel roofing was gaining popularity. Though business was good for “The ProNailer”, another dream took hold and shifted his business plan once more.

With demand steadily increasing, Ryan ‘s vision of covering every home in Stone Coated Steel became clearer. It was time for the “ProNailer” to step off of the roof and into a place where he could begin to educate contractors on proper installation techniques while educating consumers on the many styles and benefits of metal roofing.

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In, 2009, Ryan opened the doors to The Metal Roof Outlet, forever changing the way homeowners and contractors purchase roofing. With the use of satellite technology, customers can view their roof in the comfort of our showroom, staffed with knowledgeable representatives who are trained and certified to see your roof project from conception to completion. At The Metal Roof Outlet, there are no pushy sales people. Whether you are a homeowner just getting ideas or a contractor looking for specifications, at The Metal Roof Outlet you can always expect the facts and a fair price.

Our commitment to you – superior products, expertise on installation, and outstanding service…Metal Roofing is all we do!

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